Components & Innovation

All Star Rods are the most innovative rods on the market and use only the finest components.


  • Several different advanced graphite materials are used.
  • The graphite we use is an aerospace grade carbon fiber. These fibers are designed to react quicker for a stronger backbone, creating better pulling power.
  • Only the highest quality guides, reel seats, premium cork handles and coatings are used.
  • All blanks and finished rods are inspected.


Nano Resin System
We use nanofiber resins in some of our rods. The nanofiber resin system uses much smaller particles than traditional resins, filling in more voids and increasing the bond stretch between the carbon fibers, and makes the rod stronger and more durable. This system gives our ASNano rods a 30% higher breaking strength on average when compared to a similarly constructed rod using traditional resins.

Multi Modulus Construction
By using multi-modulus construction to build certain families of All Star rods we are able to optimize the perfect blend of carbon fibers to achieve the ideal strength, sensitivity, and weight for that particular rod and technique.

Ultra Thin Fast Taper Designs
By using our specially produced inner mandrels, the taper is built into the blank when it is produced, and the blank therefore does not have to be sanded or ground to achieve any additional taper. This feature provides super sensitivity without sacrificing any durability or action.

Each blank is splined by hand to find the backbone for the correct and exact placement of the guides. This allows the rod to load and flex properly without “rolling over”, thus insuring the full action and strength of the rod is being maximized.

Micro Guides
Through the use of micro guides we are able to precisely tune a rod’s balance points, making it almost disappear in your hand. All Star’s rods which use the micro guide system use more guides per rod than a traditional guide system, resulting in more points of contact, which drastically improves the rod’s sensitivity.