How Our Rods Are Made
So what makes All Star rods different from the others? It’s the things you can’t see that make these rods lighter, more balanced, stronger and easier to fish with. Let’s start with the people who make the rods...

The folks at All Star take pride in making the perfect graphite rod. Every stage of rod making is done by hand, from wrapping the graphite around mandrels that have been designed to give the exact actions you need, to sanding and coating them. We take pride in knowing that every rod that leaves the factory with the All Star name has been checked, flexed, tested and approved before it gets shipped to you.

Our Manufacturing Process
Making a quality graphite rod is a lot like building a house. You have to make sure you have the right materials and you have to put them together in the right sequence – paying special attention to the details. We always use the highest quality graphite materials available and we combine that with our exclusive resins to create the perfect balance of sensitivity, flexibility, and stiffness. We use only the highest quality components, like Fuji® guides and reels seats, as well as top grade cork on most of our rods. Our design team works hard to make sure all the guides are spaced according to the action and power rating of the rod. All of the parts work together to create the ultimate fishing rod.
Expert Design Combined With Diligent Quality Control...
Our design team has many years of experience and knows how to achieve the best action for a specific fishing situation. Our manufacturing team is highly trained and experienced in blank and rod construction and is monitored by our diligent quality control team. Our rods are proudly and painstakingly built at a technologically advanced facility by a dedicated group of employees who love to fish and take pride in their workmanship.