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Variety (Casting Versus Spinning)

Casting rods (spin casting or bait casting rods) are designed to hold casting reels, which are normally mounted above the handle. Casting rods also have small eyes and, frequently, a forefinger grip trigger.

Spinning rods typically have anywhere from 5 to 8 large-diameter guides arranged along the underside of the rod to help control the line. The eyes decrease in size from the handle to the tip with the one nearest the handle larger than the others for less friction as the line uncoils when casting. The spinning reel hangs beneath the rod and is held in place with a sliding or locking reel seat.

Water Type (Freshwater versus Saltwater)

Saltwater rods include both inshore and offshore style rods and their technique and styles are tailed towards fish species found in those environments such as an ASC Poppin’ Cork rod for inshore speckled trout. Where as freshwater rods target technique and styles of fishing used in freshwater environments such as the ASN Crankbait rod for largemouth bass.


All Star rods are specifically designed for a variety of fishing styles and bait riggings.