The ASL Series

Using high-modulus graphite with nanofiber technology, All Star has created one of the lightest, most sensitive rods on the market. The titanium-framed guides with hard-titanium inserts further reduce weight while increasing durability. The Fuji ACS and VSS reel seats increase comfort and sensitivity. Each rod is technique specific to maximize lure presentation and technique execution. The ASL series is designed for hardcore anglers looking for a competitive edge.

  • High modulus Nano Fiber graphite blank for reduced weight and increased sensitivity
  • Technique-specific action for enhanced lure presentation
  • Titanium-framed guides with hard titanium inserts
  • Exposed Fuji ACS & VSS reel seats
  • High density EVA for comfort and durability

Casting (Freshwater)

Rod Model Style Length Pcs. Lure Wt. Line Wt. Action Power Guides
ASLC785TWJK Top Water/Jerk Bait 6'6" 1 1/4-5/8 8-14 F M 9+Tip
ASLC806SB Spinnerbait 6'8" 1 1/4-3/4 10-17 F MH 9+Tip
ASLC845CB Crankbait 7'0" 1 1/4-5/8 8-14 M M 6+Tip
ASLC866JG Jig 7'2" 1 1/4-1 12-20 XF MH 6+Tip
ASLC885WRM Worm 7'4" 1 1/4-3/4 10-17 F M 7+Tip
ASLC907FLP Flippin' 7'6" 1 3/8-1 12-30 XF H 7+Tip

Spinning (Freshwater)

Rod Model Style Length Pcs. Lure Wt. Line Wt. Action Power Guides
ASLS785TW Top Water 6'6" 1 1/8-3/4 6-14 F M 8+Tip
ASLS806SBJG Spinnerbait/Jig 6'8" 1 1/4-3/8 8-17 XF MH 8+Tip
ASLS886WRM Worm 7'4" 1 1/4-3/8 8-17 XF MH 9+Tip
ASLS904DS Drop Shot 7'6" 1 1/16-3/8 4-10 XF ML 9+Tip
Action: XF-Extra Fast; F-Fast; MF-Medium Fast; M-Medium
Power: L-Light; ML- Medium Light; M-Medium; MH-Medium Heavy; H-Heavy; XH-Extra Heavy